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The Underdog Cardio Club


There’s only one thing better than drafting best ball teams for a $2,000,000 top prize…drafting them while also burning some calories.

Enter: the newly launched Underdog Cardio Club:

Over the past year, a subset of Underdog drafters have taken to Twitter to show off the best ball teams they drafted while on the Stairmaster, Peloton, treadmill, and whatever other crazy cardio machines are out there.

And this summer, we are formalizing this fraternity of cardio drafters with the official Underdog Cardio Club…

Underdog Cardio Club Member Perks

How To Join The Underdog Cardio Club

  1. Complete 7 BBM3 drafts while doing cardio over the month of June
  2. Post a tweet for each of the seven drafts with a photo of both your team and a photo of your cardio machine with the hashtag #underdogcardioclub
  3. Fill out this Google form with some information and links to your 7 tweets by June 31st

Next Steps

At the end of June, we’ll send out links for all members to redeem their free shirt or tank, start the giveaways on Pete and Underdog’s YouTube channels, and announce the additional secret #utility for UCC members.

If you have any questions, please let Pete or Nick Rudman know.

To gain access to the #Underdog-Cardio-Club channel in the Deposit Kingdom Discord, tag @peteroverzet in the #general section after filling out the form and he’ll add you.

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